Maintaining Oral Health During Pregnancy: One Mom-to-Be’s Journey

May 6, 2020

There are many health considerations women should be aware of when they are

pregnant. Maintaining good oral health is one of them. It’s an important part of your prenatal care, as our patient Engie, Founder of EngieStyle, recently learned from personal experience.  

Smile Care Dental Group | Emergency Treatment, Night Guards and ExtractionsIn early February, Engie visited our practice and detailed her symptoms of nausea and extreme sensitivity around any kind of tooth brushing or flossing. “I had stopped brushing in order to avoid worsening these symptoms and I felt that my teeth were yellowing as a result of not brushing twice daily for so long. More than anything, I wanted relief and to stop feeling self-conscious when smiling! I knew my teeth were in need of an exam and cleaning, so I booked an appointment and discussed all of my discomfort and concerns with Dr. Shafee.”

These symptoms had begun at the start of her pregnancy and continued well into her second trimester.  

“Since I wasn’t smiling from being embarrassed of my teeth I was getting very depressed which had started to affect my pregnancy and my career.  Smiling for me welcomes positive energy into every area of life. My pregnancy has been more difficult than I ever thought it would be, and I had become embarrassed to even communicate my real thoughts on my oral hygiene because I didn’t want to come off as weak or be judged as not being a good mother-to-be. I didn’t even take pictures of myself with my bump unless someone asked for one. 

Smile Care Dental Group | Orthodontics, Periodontal Treatment and Pediatric DentistryThankfully, Dr. Shafee and the whole Smile Care Dental Group team made me so comfortable that it was so easy to be honest about my dental concerns and my struggles with a healthy daily oral hygiene routine. I really appreciated all the knowledge Dr. Shafee shared, however, most importantly,  I’m grateful for the compassion and understanding he had for my desire to get my smile back.”

During Engie’s visit with Dr. Shafee at the Smile Care Dental Group's Clifton location, we were able to provide a thorough exam and cleaning. 

“I got my smile back!” Engie had finished her appointment feeling relieved and happy to have discussed the many prenatal oral health tips and conditions that she should watch out for throughout the remainder of her pregnancy. 

“After my visit, I started to really enjoy my pregnancy and even take some photos with my bump and my smile again.” 

This whole experience got Dr. Shafee and Engie thinking. They decided to team up to make more expecting mothers aware of what to look out for and speak to your dentist about during pregnancy. Here is what Engie, Dr. Shafee and the Smile Care Dental Group team want you to know if you are expecting: 

Smile Care Dental Group | Oral Cancer Screening, Dental Cleanings and VeneersBeing pregnant can increase your risk for oral health problems, and these problems can affect your pregnancy. Here are some changes that can increase your risk for certain dental problems during pregnancy:

More cavities. 

You can pass the bacteria that causes cavities to your baby during pregnancy and after birth. This can cause problems for your baby’s teeth later in life.


60 - 75 percent of pregnant women have gingivitis. Signs and symptoms include gums that are red, swollen, tender, bleeding or shiny. Loose teeth. High levels of the hormones progesterone and estrogen can temporarily loosen the tissues and bones that keep your teeth in place.

Periodontal disease. 

Untreated gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease, which causes serious infection in the gums and problems with the bones that support the teeth. Periodontitis can lead to bacteria in the bloodstream, which needs immediate attention.

Pregnancy tumors. 

These tumors are not cancer. They’re lumps that form on the gums, usually between teeth. These tumors usually go away on their own after giving birth.

Taking good care of your mouth, teeth and gums during pregnancy can help you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. 

Our experienced team of specialists are well equipped to provide you with the highest level of care to preserve and maintain your oral health. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to plan and perform your care with the utmost precision and offer a clear picture of all the options available to you and deliver the results you expect. 

For more information on all of our dental services at Smile Care Dental Group in Clifton, NJ please call us today!

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